What the heck happened with Abraham and Isaac?

Okay, sit down, grab some popping corn, and get ready for one of the most fucked up stories to appear in the Bible. Enjoy!

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Mama Knows Blessed

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day very close to my heart. It is a day when I can proudly proclaim, “Feel free to praise me as the giver and sustainer of life that I am and don’t expect me to cook a damn thing all day!” In honor of mothers, here are four important moms in different religious traditions who managed to keep it all together in a time before parenting books, mothers’ groups, and Google.

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What the Heck Happens at the Hajj?

The Hajj, or Muslims’ annual pilgrimage to Mecca, is happening now (October 13-18).  Some of you may be wondering what exactly is the Hajj.  Let’s start with the basics.  Islam has 5 pillars of faith:

1) There is no God but God.

2) Pray 5 times a day towards Mecca.

3) Fasting during Ramadan.

4) Giving to charity.

5) Make a pilgrimage to Mecca (if one is physically and financially able to do so)

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