Who Dat Saint? (St. Sebastian)

“Who Dat Saint?” St. Sebastian

I love being Protestant but there are certain things about me that make me wish I was Catholic. I love overly ornate churches and religious pomp. I enjoy the feeling of a rosary in my hands. Men in tall, funny hats always put a smile on my face. I already confess everything anyway; how hard would it be to say it to a priest? Plus, nothing beats a good saint story. And from a strictly artistic standpoint, Christian saints/martyrs are easily identifiable, thereby making my life easier when I had to take a test on Renaissance artworks. So I have started a new series that I am calling: “Who dat Saint?” (No disrespect to the wonderful people of New Orleans as I adopt their football team’s catchphrase. I love everything about your town, including the confessing I need to do after visiting it.)  Continue reading


“It’s not your fault”: Jesus, forgiveness, and Robin Williams

Are you able to say to yourself “It’s not your fault?”


“Good Will Hunting”

One of the hardest things for people to do is forgive themselves. Compassionate connection, one person to another, can be a way people can touch the pain of wrongs done to them, or by them, and begin to let that go.

Robin Williams, the comic genius and actor of great insight who died today, was able to show that deep, deep capacity for connection that can heal.

Williams played a grieving therapist in the film Good Will Hunting  and in this scene he tells Will Hunting, the gifted young man whom he is counseling who has been so grievously abused, “It’s not your fault.”

Watch Robin Williams’s eyes in this clip:

There is a ring of truth to this portrayal, perhaps from the depths of what Williams himself struggled with in his own life. Williams apparently committed suicide after struggling over many years with addiction and…

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The Fast and the (Not So) Furious

The Fast and the (Not So) Furious

Here at Theologee, I am thoroughly fascinated with those people of faith who practice fasting in their religions. I am one of those people who can’t miss a meal without becoming hangry (hungry + angry), so I am impressed with the conviction it takes to fast in order to come closer to God. As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is upon us, I have decided to explore the many fasting rituals and holidays of different religions- but just after I finish this pizza.

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Mama Knows Blessed

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day very close to my heart. It is a day when I can proudly proclaim, “Feel free to praise me as the giver and sustainer of life that I am and don’t expect me to cook a damn thing all day!” In honor of mothers, here are four important moms in different religious traditions who managed to keep it all together in a time before parenting books, mothers’ groups, and Google.

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