Who Dat Saint? (St. Sebastian)

“Who Dat Saint?” St. Sebastian

I love being Protestant but there are certain things about me that make me wish I was Catholic. I love overly ornate churches and religious pomp. I enjoy the feeling of a rosary in my hands. Men in tall, funny hats always put a smile on my face. I already confess everything anyway; how hard would it be to say it to a priest? Plus, nothing beats a good saint story. And from a strictly artistic standpoint, Christian saints/martyrs are easily identifiable, thereby making my life easier when I had to take a test on Renaissance artworks. So I have started a new series that I am calling: “Who dat Saint?” (No disrespect to the wonderful people of New Orleans as I adopt their football team’s catchphrase. I love everything about your town, including the confessing I need to do after visiting it.)  Continue reading