Upgrade Your Karma- The Empowerment Plan

I know Detroit for three things:

1) It got hit hard during this last recession (and for years before that)

2) It gets fucking cold there during the winter

3) Jeffrey Eugenides is a literary stud and he is from there and his books sometimes use it as a locale

It is the first two bullet points that brings me to ask for your help.  A woman by the name of Veronika Scott started the Empowerment Plan and makes heavy coats that turn into sleeping bags for the homeless. As she passed out the coats, someone pointed out that they need jobs more than coats.  So Veronika decided to hire some homeless people to help make these much needed items.

These are now being used by the Red Cross and other organizations to help those who need them the most.  Let’s send some love and money their way and show how a good idea can become an even better idea.


PS- If you have some money left over, seriously you should buy Middlesex by Eugenides because it is fucking brilliant and monumental and fantastic.


Those Three Little Words

Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing the dreaded three little words while I am at church… “All are welcome.” You may ask, Stacy, what about that phrase makes you want to bite on a hymnal to muffle your screams? Why is that phrase more annoying than a commercial break featuring three different 30-second ads for Geico Insurance? Why does your church’s “All Are Welcome” banner make you want to fling aforementioned sign into the street where it would probably be run over by some sort of hybrid car? Continue reading