I F*ing Love Nuns

I don’t know if this is politically correct to say, but I fucking love nuns.  Of course, I didn’t attend Catholic school so I do not have a history of my knuckles being smacked with a ruler and that would change my opinion of them.  My fascination with nuns started when I went to Italy.  Years ago, as my husband and I roamed Rome and Vatican City, the mere site of tiny women in habits made me giddy like I was drunk on Chianti.  There is so much to love about nuns (who aren’t inflicting corporeal punishment).

First of all, when nuns decide to join a convent they know that they are becoming a part of a church in which (let’s get real here) they will probably never hold the highest post.  It is really hard when the glass ceiling is the Sistine Chapel.  I am holding onto hope that rules will eventually be changed, but as of right now for the question of whether or not the pope wears a funny hat the answer is not “yes she does.”

Nuns epitomize charity work. There is a reason why it was Mother Theresa and not Father Terry. Nuns are known for getting into the nitty-gritty and helping those who need help the most.  Whether it is passing out condoms in AIDS ravaged Africa or helping trafficked victims in Europe, the nuns aren’t afraid to do the work of Christ, even as the leaders of the church wag their crucifixes at them.

And speaking of nuns doing something the Vatican might not be happy with, American nuns are doing some really cool things all in the name of moral fairness. Check out Nuns on the Bus. (http://nunsonthebus.com) They were unhappy with Paul Ryan’s budget because they felt it would harm the poor, sick, and elderly. Hmmm…who else thought the most vulnerable deserved protection? Oh yeah, that’s right- Jesus. Jesus helped the impoverished and disadvantaged at a time when it wasn’t cool politically to do so.

For all their good work and their desire to follow Christ’s message, God bless nuns- habit wearing or not.

Some interesting readings about nuns:

  1. An interesting article in Time Magazine about the nuns in America “going rogue.” Click here.
  2. A great book about nuns participating in a study about Alzheimer’s. Click here.
  3. A picture of Sally Field as the Flying Nun: Click here.

3 thoughts on “I F*ing Love Nuns

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  2. I F*ing love this post! Of all the structures of the church, the orders of nuns seem to remain the purest and closest to the mission. I did attend Catholic school and received more than a couple raps on the knuckles and at times found their approach rigid and difficult to understand.

    But to this day, when I hear the phrase “doing god’s work” I always think of the nuns. They teach and nurse and support entire villages. They sacrifice every waking day of their adult lives and I believe it’s their enormous, unbending (and to me, unfathomable) faith that powers these tiny schools and hospitals in dismal, difficult, distant lands.

    Nuns f*ing rock and thanks for saying so.

    • Hi Terry! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so glad to hear others who agree with me about nuns.
      My nun count in Florence was lower than I expected this year. Next time I should bring my binoculars to admire them from afar and as not to frighten them with my Protestant-ness.

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