Upgrade your karma by supporting Homes for Our Troops

Okay, I know I am a little late for Veterans Day, but here is a great charity to support. Homes for Our Troops builds houses to accommodate wounded and disabled soldiers and their families.


(As always, always do research before donating you valuable money and/or time to a cause.)


Miracles, Highlighters and Trash Cans

Great post by another blogger.

All My Roads


I stumbled upon the Bible of my high school days this afternoon and took a moment to examine it. The copy is ominously thick and self-indulgent, worn down from angst filled examination of my high school doubts. I dropped it upon my desk with a self-righteous thud.

Opening its pages, I had the sense that many a highlighter met their fate on these words and I was intrigued to notice that even some obscure passages among the Minor Prophets were colored with great enthusiasm, leading me to question what I knew then that I don’t now. Moving further along, I noticed that the pages weren’t just elaborately highlighted. No, no, no apparently that wouldn’t have sufficed. Rather it appeared as though my twelve-year-old self also had the spiritual gift of making radically obvious comments in the margins. Next to the opening to one of Paul’s letters I’d eloquently penned “this is…

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Comparing Oranges to Cookies

Why do I shop at Trader Joe’s? It’s small and compact and therefore eliminates my shopping nemesis: overwhelming choices.  Plus, the employees actually seem to enjoy working there unlike some other stores. But most importantly, I love Trader Joe’s because of Joe-Joe.  Joe-Joe is a little stuffed monkey that the employees hide somewhere in the store and if your little one finds it, they get a treat. (Your store may have something different; check with them before starting a fruitless search for a primate.)  Joe-Joe keeps the little ones distracted and on their toes while mommy picks out the veggies that the little ones will refuse to eat.

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Image Is Not Everything

So I am in Florence, Italy, right now (nun count is 2; see I Fucking Love Nuns) and I have seen a ton of paintings of Jesus in the last three days. I have seen Jesus as a baby and as an adult with blood coming from his sides. I have seen Jesus on the cross and Jesus coming down from it. And, no matter what the adult Jesus is doing, he looks almost the same in every painting.

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