Horny Moses

I bet you have seen depictions of Moses like this:


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Upgrade your Karma

La Casa de Las Madres

This San Francisco based charity is amazing. They provide shelter, services, and education to victims of domestic violence.  I have actually donated in the past to this organization because I know the hard work they do in our city at helping to curb domestic violence and help the victims. As always, do your research before you donate to any charities. Below is a link to their website and some information about them on the website Charity Navigator.



Put that down!

There is a Zen Buddhist story that goes something like this:  Two traveling monks were in a town when they came upon a woman who was waiting to get down from her sedan chair, which was being carried by two servants.  The street had puddles everywhere and the woman, in full diva mode, was pissed that the people who were carrying her sedan chair were not helping her avoid the puddles so she could get down. They pointed out that their hands were not only supporting the sedan chair but they also were holding her packages from the latest shopping spree. Clearly, they could not help her across any puddles without getting her latest haute kimono wet.

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God Help Us All

So here I am, a semi-reluctant stay-at-home mom.  I never pictured myself as one; a trophy wife, yes, but not a stay at home mom (I kid of course because clearly my husband doesn’t have the ego of a man who needs a trophy wife and I lack the body to be one).  It was decided that for the sake and sanity of all those who live in our house that I should postpone working and instead keep our household structured.  This includes the typical duties: cleaning, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, running errands, keeping our finances organized and tight, and mimicking Julie the Cruise Director by keeping our social calendar full of play dates and date nights.

Before I get the hate e-mails coming in, I have absolutely nothing against stay-at-home parents. I think that the work that one does for their family is important.  I just never pictured myself as the “Stacy Homemaker” type.  I returned to college in my early thirties, had two kids while attending college, and graduated after just celebrating my 36th birthday.  I wanted to preserve this forward momentum by attending grad school and becoming a tweed-clad professor.  That dream about what I want to be when I grow up remains a constant thought as I wipe spilled milk off the floor. In the meantime, I need something to think about other than Target coupons and where that smell is coming from. (Dog or trash? Definitely dog.)

As the discussions in our household centered on my next steps, (Grad school? Full-time work? Part-time work? Volunteering? Staying at home?), I found my thoughts were often driven to what is best for my family.  On that note, I feel in my entirety that “God helps those who help themselves” and that He was constantly telling me to not give up on my passions but to somehow incorporate them into my everyday life. God gave us inquisitive minds so that we can be closer to Him and our fellow humans.  And I am ready to think about the questions I have in my spiritual growth. How do I bring God into my everyday life? How do I put together my own spiritual tapestry of belief?  Can I, through much prayer, get my dog to quit stinking up the house so much?

That’s when I decided to spend some time exploring God and the various ways He is worshipped.  I understand, as I hope you do too, that this a little hodgepodge of anecdotal stories of God in my life, combined with examinations of many different religions. Tossed in there will be descriptions of other people who introduced their interpretation of spirituality into the world and into others’ lives.  Since I just can’t get it out of my previous scholarly life completely and because I love beautiful and interesting things, I will discuss spiritual art. Oh, I will include some links to groups who are doing His work on earth because they can’t pay their bills with prayers, people!

A friend of mine named Virginia once relayed a quote to me that goes something like this: “I am not where I want to be but where I need to be.”  Wow, that certainly hit home.  And whether you are a working, staying at home, or somewhere in between, you can certainly relate to that.  In the meantime, idle hands are usually waiting to do dishes.